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ATK announce North America move

The South African roster will head to Canada with the intention of qualifying for ESEA Premier and becoming a top-five team in North America.

On a podcast, ATK have announced their intention to move to North America to continue their development. Daniel “⁠sprayxd⁠” Kogan, the team’s coach, told that they plan to arrive in the region in April for ESEA Season 37, or by July for Season 38.

The journey would see the ATK organisation make its second appearance in North America after previously housing the core the Extra Salt lineup in 2019. Rhys “⁠Fadey⁠” Armstrong is the most recognizable name in the South African squad, having played for the organisation’s previous team before being replaced in September 2019 following a roster overhaul.

Fadey looks to make a return to North America

ATK have won their last eight domestic events, cementing their place as the clear No. 1 team in the country. sprayxd also told that the players are looking into the possibility of a month-long bootcamp in Europe prior to their move to North America, where they will look to find a team house in Canada.

ATK‘s roster consists of:

South Africa Josh “⁠bLazE⁠” Saunders
South Africa Gareth “⁠MisteM⁠” Ries
South Africa Rhys “⁠Fadey⁠” Armstrong
South Africa Aaron “⁠SloWye⁠” van der Walt
South Africa Wiljahne “⁠mango⁠” Smith

Israel Daniel “⁠sprayxd⁠” Kogan (coach)

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