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OFFSET finalise new roster |

The Portuguese team feature four members of the former Giants squad.

OFFSET have announced four new signings ahead of the start of the 2021 tournament season. Rui “⁠RIZZZ⁠” Lima, Paulo “⁠pr⁠” Silva, Filipe “⁠NOPEEJ⁠” Dias and Bruno “⁠shellzi⁠” Teixeira have all penned contracts with the Portuguese organisation, joining veteran Ricardo “⁠fox⁠” Pacheco, who was on Sunday unveiled as the first member of the team.

With this move, OFFSET secure the core of the lineup that represented Giants during the last five months of 2020 before the Spanish organisation decided to pull the plug on their CS:GO division. The only player who went in a different direction was Francisco “⁠obj⁠” Ramos, who chose to join eXploit.

OFFSET will compete in ESEA Advanced

OFFSET will be taking part in ESEA Advanced Season 36, which will be kicking off on January 18. They will be looking to improve on last season’s performance, having finished outside of the playoff picture with a 9-7 record.

The Portuguese team have the following roster:

Portugal Ricardo “⁠fox⁠” Pacheco
Portugal Rui “⁠RIZZZ⁠” Lima
Portugal Paulo “⁠pr⁠” Silva
Portugal Filipe “⁠NOPEEJ⁠” Dias
Portugal Bruno “⁠shellzi⁠” Teixeira

Portugal Vasco “⁠vsk⁠” Santos (coach)

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