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snatchie returns to AGO |

AGO have unveiled Michał “⁠snatchie⁠” Rudzki as their new AWPer on Tuesday, as a part of the team’s overhaul ahead of the 2021 season. The 22-year-old returns to “The Hawks” after a period in which he represented and Sprout.

“After more than two years I’m coming back to x-kom AGO, the organization with which I started my professional adventure in CS:GO”, snatchie said about joining AGO as a free agent, following his contract with Sprout running out and the organization returning to a fully-German lineup.

snatchie returns to a Polish team lineup

During his first stint with AGO, in 2017-18, snatchie helped the team climb out of obscurity and to the 16th place in the world ranking, which remains the organization’s peak. In Sprout, snatchie has averaged a 1.08 rating, playing 218 maps and reaching the top 20 of the world rankings.

“I am experiencing very positive emotions and excitement. Nevertheless, this is a new beginning for me and I believe that with hard work, together with the team and the professional resources the organization provides, we will be able to achieve the goals we set for ourselves. Wish us luck and see you soon on the server,” snatchie concluded.

The only player remaining from the original AGO lineup that snatchie was a part of is Damian “⁠Furlan⁠” Kislowski, with Maciej “⁠F1KU⁠” Miklas and Eryk “⁠leman⁠” Kocęba also on the lineup. However, the latter’s future is unclear, as recent rumors tied Karol “⁠rallen⁠” Rodowicz and Paweł “⁠reatz⁠” Jańczak to the team, which could see leman lose his spot on the starting lineup.

AGO are now:

Poland Damian “⁠Furlan⁠” Kislowski
Poland Maciej “⁠F1KU⁠” Miklas
Poland Eryk “⁠leman⁠” Kocęba
Poland Michał “⁠snatchie⁠” Rudzki

Poland Mikołaj “⁠miNirox⁠” Michałków (coach)

Poland Miłosz “⁠mhL⁠” Knasiak (benched)

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