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Endpoint announce academy program |

Endpoint have revealed their newest initiative, named Endpoint ROG Academy, which aims to provide up-and-coming UK players with the support needed to begin their journey to become a professional.

Alongside the academy, Endpoint will also be launching two hubs, one for scouting new talents and another for players across all skill groups to compete for prizes.

Academy players could feature for the main roster in the future

The academy will be spearheaded by head coach George “⁠Whitey⁠” White, who initially had the idea of setting up a path to pro model in the UK from his experience as a football coach with hopes of equipping young players with the skill sets needed to progress in the scene and beyond.

“I look forward to putting my heart and soul into this academy project and showcasing the journey every step of the way with content, stay tuned!,” he said in a statement.

Endpoint will financially support the project by sending the team to numerous local LAN events as well as providing bootcamp facilities. Media content will also be released regularly by the organisation to showcase the development of the players through behind-the-scenes clips and inspire new players in the future.

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