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BLAST Premier Global Final talent announced

The broadcast will feature BLAST’s usual lineup of on-air talent.

The organizers of BLAST Premier Global Final have announced the on-air team who will bring you the action at the $1 million tournament, featuring their favorite desk-commentator-interviewer combination.

James “⁠BanKs⁠” Banks will lead the analysis as usual, and he will be accompanied by Mathieu “⁠Maniac⁠” Quiquerez and Jacob “⁠Pimp⁠” Winneche on the desk, while Freya Spiers will conduct interviews with the teams.

BanKs will host the desk alongside Maniac and Pimp

Two popular caster duos will take up the commentators’ post at the first top-tier tournament of 2021: Conner “⁠Scrawny⁠” Girvan and Mohan “⁠launders⁠” Govindasamy and Anders “⁠Anders⁠” Blume and Auguste “⁠Semmler⁠” Massonnat.

BLAST Premier Global Finals will run from January 19-24. The tournament features eight teams, including the current top three — Astralis, Vitality, and Natus Vincere —, who will play in a double-elimination bracket in the fight for the $600,000 grand prize.

The talent lineup is once again:

United Kingdom James “⁠BanKs⁠” Banks – Desk host
Switzerland Mathieu “⁠Maniac⁠” Quiquerez – Analyst
Denmark Jacob “⁠Pimp⁠” Winneche – Analyst

United Kingdom Freya Spiers – Interviewer

Canada Conner “⁠Scrawny⁠” Girvan – Commentator
Canada Mohan “⁠launders⁠” Govindasamy – Commentator
Denmark Anders “⁠Anders⁠” Blume – Commentator
United States Auguste “⁠Semmler⁠” Massonnat – Commentator

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