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nak announces retirement |

Renato “⁠nak⁠” Nakano has announced that he will step down from DETONA and retire as a professional player, going out on a high note after his team beat 9z to win Gamers Club Masters VI last month.

nak‘s Counter-Strike career has spanned 17 years, and included stints on g3x, FireGamers, and MIBR in 1.6 and CS: Source. He stepped back from the game from 2012 to 2015, making his return as a coach for Luminosity before once again becoming an active player for the likes of Keyd, Sharks, and RED Canids.

nak has retired from professional play

In a statement, nak referenced waning motivation as one of the primary reasons for his retirement, stating that keeping up with practice routines and the need to perfect every aspect of the game was causing “wear and tear” that was “no longer paying off.”

Additionally, he said he had always wanted to compete at a global level, an avenue that he believes is no longer open to him as he no longer wishes to live outside of Brazil, away from his family.

Despite stepping back from active play, the 33-year-old assured that he will not be leaving Counter-Strike as a whole, and plans to focus on creating content to help new teams and players evolve and pursue professional careers. He also did not rule out the possibility of becoming a coach or manager for an organisation.

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