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Galaxy Racer sign chawzyyy, joelxd

Galaxy Racer have announced their new lineup, which features two changes as the organization has signed two new talents from flowskola, 16-year-old AWPer Joel “⁠joelxd⁠” Holmlund and 15-year-old rifler Hugo “⁠Chawzyyy⁠” Günther.

The newcomers have replaced core members Relaxa and FREDDyFROG, who have left the organization after a six-month tenure as the last remaining creators of the former Japaleno roster that came to life in 2017, from which the Galaxy Racer squad originated.

Twin duo FREDDyFROG and Relaxa

Galaxy Racer previously replaced Simon “⁠tabz⁠” Feldt with Joakim “⁠disco doplan⁠” Gidetun in November, with the former fnatic member becoming the Swedish side’s new in-game leader.

“Having signed two of the most talented young players in Sweden, chawzyyy & joelxd, along with an experienced and well-rounded player as disco doplan, our future’s looking very bright,” the team’s manager, Joel Ericsson, told “Don’t be surprised if this team makes waves during this season!”

The two new youngsters are mainly known for their time with flowskola, who most notably played in DreamHack Open November late last year and shortly after that won the Fragleague Season 5 over SJ. In the last two months of 2020, they averaged 1.12 and 1.11 ratings across around 30 maps.

Galaxy Racer‘s new lineup looks as follows:

Sweden Niclas “⁠PlesseN⁠” Plessen
Sweden Adam “⁠dezon⁠” Wahlqvist
Sweden Joakim “⁠disco doplan⁠” Gidetun
Sweden Hugo “⁠Chawzyyy⁠” Günther
Sweden Joel “⁠joelxd⁠” Holmlund

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