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SHiPZ announces free agency |

Georgi “⁠SHiPZ⁠” Grigorov has announced that he is is no longer contracted to c0ntact and has entered free agency, ending a one-year-long tenure with the American organisation. The 20-year-old was benched in August alongside Luka “⁠emi⁠” Vuković to make room for Owen “⁠smooya⁠” Butterfield and Lotan “⁠Spinx⁠” Giladi, who were added on a trial basis.

SHiPZ is the second player to depart c0ntact since they made their entire CS:GO roster available for transfer at the end of 2020. Rigon “⁠rigoN⁠” Gashi announced the end of his time with the organisation on Thursday, which leaves five members’ fate up in the air.

SHiPZ has entered free agency

During his time with c0ntact, SHiPZ averaged a 1.01 rating, with the team being unable to achieve deep placements in any notable tournaments. After being benched from the roster, SHiPZ spent the remainder of the year playing on MBAPPEEK, a Bulgarian mixteam featuring Kamen “⁠bubble⁠” Kostadinov and Viktor “⁠v1c7oR⁠” Dyankov.

With the off-season nearing its end, SHiPZ will hope to find a new place to call home in short order. In his announcement, the young rifler stated it was a pleasure to be a part of c0ntact, and asked any interested parties to reach out to him via Twitter.

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