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bew joins High Coast on loan

Brandon “⁠bew⁠” Roberts has joined High Coast on loan from Yeah, filling the spot left vacant by Brendan “⁠Bwills⁠” Williams‘ departure to Triumph in November.

High Coast had previously enlisted the help of Justin “⁠FaNg⁠” Coakley in their DreamHack Masters Winter campaign at the end of 2020, but the Canadian talent was selected to round out the roster of Extra Salt, leaving Ben “⁠ben1337⁠” Smith‘s side in search of a new member to round out their ranks.

bew previously played alongside the High Coast core as a part of New England Whalers for close to a year before leaving the lineup in August 2020, linking up with Yeah just three months later.

bew returns to a North American lineup after a brief stint on Yeah

Although the Brazilian-American team continued to post solid results, including a 3-4th finish in DreamHack Masters Winter, the departure of Eduardo “⁠dumau⁠” Wolkmer last week has seemingly signaled an end to the roster, with the team relinquishing their spot in ESEA Premier and members making their way to other lineups.

bew has already made an appearance with High Coast in the Mythic Winter Cup, playing alongside Yeah‘s Rodrigo “⁠RCF⁠” Figueiredo, who stood-in for Ramal “⁠Rampage⁠” Silva. bew averaged a 1.17 rating over seven maps en route to a title victory over Triumph in the event, and will next make an appearance for the team in the DreamHack Open January open qualifier, slated to kick off on January 20.

With bew‘s addition, High Coast have:

Canada Jonathan “⁠djay⁠” Dallal
United States Josh “⁠PwnAlone⁠” Pigue
United States Ramal “⁠Rampage⁠” Silva
United States Ben “⁠ben1337⁠” Smith
United States Brandon “⁠bew⁠” Roberts (loan)

United States Joseph “⁠Muenster⁠” Lima (coach)

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