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DreamHack Open January talent announced

DreamHack has revealed the on-air team that will be working on the official English language broadcast for DreamHack Open January Europe and North America.

Freya Spiers will be the main host, while a trio of analysts will be breaking down the action: Mathieu “⁠Maniac⁠” Quiquerez, Alex “⁠Mauisnake⁠” Ellenberg, and Donald “voo” Parkhurst, who’s mostly known for his YouTube channel, featuring educational CS:GO content.

Vince has been a regular face on DreamHack Open tournaments

Vince “⁠Vince⁠” Hill, Tom “⁠Tombizz⁠” Bissmire, Sudhen “⁠Bleh⁠” Wahengbam, Adam “⁠Dinko⁠” Hawthorne, and Alex “hawka” Hawkin will be guiding viewers through the action throughout the tournaments, between January 27 and 31.

The European competition will feature eight teams, including BIG, Evil Geniuses, and FunPlus Phoenix, who announced four players earlier on Monday. The North American event, on the other hand, will have only four teams and will be headlined by Extra Salt and Triumph. The tournaments will feature a combined $100,000 prize pool, with a 70/30 split between the European and the North American competitions.

The complete talent lineup for DreamHack Open January looks as follows:

United Kingdom Freya Spiers – Host

Switzerland Mathieu “⁠Maniac⁠” Quiquerez – Analyst
United States Alex “⁠Mauisnake⁠” Ellenberg – Analyst
Canada Donald “voo” Parkhurst – Analyst

United Kingdom Vince “⁠Vince⁠” Hill – Commentator
United Kingdom Tom “⁠Tombizz⁠” Bissmire – Commentator
India Sudhen “⁠Bleh⁠” Wahengbam– Commentator
United Kingdom Adam “⁠Dinko⁠” Hawthorne – Commentator
United Kingdom Alex “hawka” Hawkins – Commentator

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