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AI & Python Development eBook Bundle

Master the Art of Programming & Web Development with 15 eBooks on Python, Artificial Intelligence, TensorFlow and More. A new software development bundle by Stacksocial.

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What’s included?

  • Artificial Intelligence & Problem Solving: Solve Some Well-Known AI Problems Using the Most Efficient Problem-Solving Methods
  • Artificial Intelligence Basics: Introduction to the Fundamental Concepts of Artificial Intelligence
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Deep Learning: Introduction to AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning & More!
  • Artificial Intelligence in the 21st Century, Second Edition: Everything You Need To Know about Artificial Intelligence in the 21st Century
  • AI Problems & Their Solutions: Solve Well-Known AI Problems Using Efficient Methods Used by Humans & Computers
  • Artificial Intelligence & Expert Systems: Identify Current Applications & Techniques of Artificial Intelligence
  • Python: An Introduction to Programming: Get an overview of computers & programming languages
  • Python 3 Pocket Primer: Understand Python 3 & Start Working On Your Own Projects
  • Python Pocket Primer: Overview of the Major Aspects & the Source Code to Use Python 2
  • Python Video Tutorials (NumPy & Pandas):
  • Python 3 for Machine Learning: Learn about the Basic of Python 3 Programming Concepts Related to Machine Learning
  • Python for TensorFlow Pocket Primer: Gain Insights on Machine Learning & Deep Learning or TensorFlow Topics
  • Python Basics: Primary Introduction to the Fundamentals of Python
  • Game Development Using Python: Understand the Basic Game Development Process Using Python
  • TensorFlow2 Pocket Primer: Introduction to Basic Machine Learning Algorithms Using TensorFlow2 for Beginners

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