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DreamHack announces Open calendar for 2021

DreamHack has announced that it will host seven Open stops in 2021, each with $100,000 on the line. The first five tournaments will be held online and will cover two regions each, but then the circuit will transition to LAN with in-person events in Atlanta and Jönköping.

The DreamHack Open circuit began on Wednesday with the January stop, covering Europe and North America. The remaining regions (South America, Asia and Oceania) will be featured in the following stops.

The DreamHack Open circuit will offer $700,000 in 2021

The seven Open stops are part of the Challenger level of the ESL Pro Tour, which was designed to offer a clear path for teams to reach the biggest tournaments. Last week, ESL and DreamHack revealed the Masters and Championship events that are planned for 2021, with IEM Katowice being the only tournament that will be held fully online.

“This first DreamHack Open Online of 2021 represents a crucial part of the ESL Pro Tour for CS:GO,” said Shaun Clark, ESL Pro Tour Director at ESL Gaming. “ESL and DreamHack share the same vision of creating an open-ecosystem that provides aspiring players the platform to succeed, following the path from ‘zero to hero’.

“Following in the footsteps of what we’ve announced, we are excited to release the entire year’s worth of competition with a roadmap to return to live events.”

Below you can find the complete DreamHack Open calendar for 2021:


DreamHack Open 43 – January 27-31 (Europe, NA)
DreamHack Open 44 – March 10-14 (NA & SA)
DreamHack Open 45 – June 30-July 4 (NA & Asia)
DreamHack Open 46 – September 8-12 (NA & SA)
DreamHack Open 47 – October 13-17 (Europe & Oceania)


United States DreamHack Open Atlanta – November 12-14
Sweden DreamHack Open Winter – November 26-28

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