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Valve unveils 2020 RMR stickers; announces points reset, coach limitations

Valve has released team stickers from the 2020 Regional Major Ranking (RMR) circuit, with the capsules containing stickers from teams that would have received invites to compete at the ESL One Rio Major based on the number of points they amassed in the qualifying tournaments.

Subsequently, they have also reset the RMR standings heading into 2021, although teams who previously held Legends status in the 2020 leaderboard will begin the new circuit with 600 points, Challengers with 300, and Contenders with 100.

The 2020 RMR stickers are now available in the game

A substitute player can now also be registered independent of coaches, allowing six-man rosters to register their extra player for events. Upon their first substitution, teams will incur a penalty to their RMR points, but no subsequent penalties will be applied when a player is brought back in to a roster.

Crucially, Valve has also issued a statement on the coaching bans handed down by ESIC in September 2020, ruling that some of those that were involved in exploiting the coaching bug will be barred from attending Majors.

The number of Majors that involved coaches will be banned from participating in is determined by a scaling table, with two ESIC demerit points stopping coaches from attending one Major, three demerit points preventing attendance at two Majors, and so on until six or more demerit points are reached, which will permanently ban the involved party from attending a Major event.

The way bans will apply across the board is currently unknown, given the wide range of bans and concessions given to different coaches due to coming forward. has reached out to ESIC for clarification on how coaches who had ban reductions by ESIC based on concession allowances, like Nicholas “⁠guerri⁠” Nogueira and Alessandro “⁠Apoka⁠” Marcucci, will be affected.

In tandem with their ruling on coaches attendance at Majors, Valve has determined that no one besides participating players will be allowed in the room where the team is playing or on the server during online RMR matches. The rule applies to both coaches and support staff, who will not even be allowed to communicate with the team during matches.

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