Counter Strike: Global Offensive

OG, Heroic, FURIA through to quarter-finals at cs_summit 7

OG, Heroic, and FURIA have secured their berth in the bracket stage of cs_summit 7 after coming out on top of their respective groups’ deciding matches, against Dignitas, MIBR, and Cloud9.

The losing trio will get another shot at a spot in the single elimination playoffs as they’ll play in the last-chance matches, which are set to take place on Friday before the first quarter-final series, with Dignitas slated to go against NIP in a Swedish brawl and MIBR locking horns with Cloud9.

f0rest’s squad will face his former NiP teammates in the last-chance stage

All three deciding matches went the full distance. Dignitas made OG sweat in a nail-biting finish to their three-map series, which saw Aleksi “⁠Aleksib⁠” Virolainen‘s men win the deciding Dust2 in overtime. The new MIBR lineup took Heroic by surprise in another three-mapper, where the Danish side came back from a 1-7 deficit on Mirage to clinch their spot in the playoffs.

In the last match of Thursday, FURIA had Nicholas “⁠guerri⁠” Nogueira back in a full coaching role after his ESIC ban ended and went toe-to-toe with Cloud9 in a full best-of-three. The series saw the latter team’s newest addition, Erick “⁠Xeppaa⁠” Bach, carry his team to a win on Inferno, before a massive performance from Andrei “⁠arT⁠” Piovezan made the difference on Train as the Brazilians advanced.

The schedule for the rest of the $200,000 tournament looks as follows:

Friday, January 29