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Heroic advance to cs_summit 7 semi-finals over OG

OG and Heroic both made it to the cs_summit 7 quarter-finals with second place finishes in Groups A and B, respectively, the Europeans having tallied two victories over Dignitas and the Danes with their own two wins against MIBR. Pitted against each other in the playoffs, it was Heroic who came out on top, however, in a two-map series which started with the Danish squad securing Nuke, their map pick, in a strong team effort despite losing both of the pistol rounds and going down 0-3 in the first three rounds on both sides.

Aleksi “⁠Aleksib⁠” Virolainen’s men failed to come out swinging on their map selection, Inferno, not only falling to an early deficit on the attack, but also failing to get many kills, allowing Heroic to snowball their economy. Unable to stop the bleeding, OG ended up falling 0-2, and are therefore out of contention, while the Danes will face fnatic in the next round of the tournament.

niko had huge impact on Inferno with 27 kills

OG started off with a three round lead on the CT side of Nuke, but were tied three rounds later as Heroic took the initiative on the attack in the early gun rounds. From there on out the Danes took control of proceedings, failing just two more attacks on the way to a 10-5 half. OG shortened the distance on the scoreboard winning the first three rounds of the second half, but Heroic were quick to find their footing on the defense and kept ahead all the way to the end, securing their map pick 16-12.

Heroic continued the charge on Inferno, losing just one player in the first four rounds on the way to a 6-0 lead. OG then won back-to-back rounds to get on the board, but were once again on the back foot as Heroic cruised to a comfortable 13-2 lead at the half. Having lost the first two rounds, OG tried an extremely late comeback, but eventually fell short 10-16 as Johannes “⁠b0RUP⁠” Borup clutched a 1vs3 situation on A to secure his team’s presence in the cs_summit 7 semi-finals.



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