Counter Strike: Global Offensive breeze past mousesports to clinch cs_summit 7 final spot have booked the first spot in the cs_summit 7 grand final following a 2-0 win over mousesports. Both teams arrived in the semi-final stage with a perfect record, but the CIS side reigned supreme on both maps, Train and Mirage, and didn’t let their opponents gain any momentum throughout the series.

The match began with mousesports taking the pistol and the next two rounds on Train, but the game took a U-turn once bought rifles and displayed an impenetrable defense, winning nine rounds in a row. mousesports were able to take only two more rounds thanks to successful hits on the B site.

SANJI was the top-fragger of the series

Dzhami “⁠Jame⁠” Ali‘s men carried the momentum into their T side and won the first three rounds before conceding one to mousesports‘s full buy., however, still had enough money to buy rifles once more and won the following round, breaking mouz’s economy. The CIS team took advantage of that and locked down the map. showed no signs of slowing down on Dust2, and clinched the first round as Jame and Timur “⁠buster⁠” Tulepov converted a 2v3 situation in the after-plant. They added four more rounds to their tally before mousesports ended their streak on the back of a B site hold. The CIS team focused on hitting the A bombsite as mouz struggled to hold it and switched to the CT side with a commanding 11-4 lead.

mousesports lost the following pistol, but they fought their way back into the game with a successful force-buy., however, didn’t allow the international team to gain momentum and answered back with their own scrappy buy. The CIS side were in control for the rest of the game and comfortably won the map to reach the title decider.



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