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ROG Masters APAC 2021 announced

The ROG Masters tournament series returns after a three-year break with Asian teams set on competing in national qualifiers in order to earn a spot at a 16-team final event.

Registrations for the tournament begin on February 8-28, with national qualifiers taking place in late March through April, which lead to the ROG Masters APAC 2021 Finals.

ROG Masters 2017 featured competition across the globe

National qualifiers will be held in 15 different countries, with interested teams welcome to sign up on the official website. Professional teams from the APAC region will be placed in the country’s final stage, while the enthusiast and challenger squad will start in the open qualifiers.

National qualifiers will be held in the following countries:

In addition to a spot at the finals, every national qualifier will have its own prize pool as well. While the exact prize pools for each qualifier haven’t been shared, it has been confirmed that the Malaysia and Singapore qualifiers will have $1,200 split the following way:

1. $800
2. $400

Finally, the 16 teams that make it to the finals will fight for a $15,000 prize pool, the lion’s share of which will go to the winner of the tournament.

ROG Masters APAC 2021 Finals prize pool will be distributed in the following way:

1. $10,000
2. $3,500
3. $1,500

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