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Video: Frags from the past – Xizt vs.

The smoke defuse Xizt pulled off to rescue NIP from elimination in a near-impossible situation, setting them on the path towards the DreamHack Summer 2013 title, is where we start our journey with “Frags from the past”.

Xizt’s clutch kept NIP alive

Going into the ~$30,000 tournament in Jönköping, Sweden, NIP were no longer the unstoppable force they were earlier in the year, as their 87-0 LAN streak was brought to an end and they showed some vulnerability online, but Christopher “⁠GeT_RiGhT⁠” Alesund and co. were a big favorite for the trophy nonetheless.

In the group stage, Mathias “⁠MSL⁠” Lauridsen‘s Western Wolves handed NIP a shocking 16-2 defeat to set the Swedes up for a decider match against, who pushed them to the limits and got to the brink of victory.

At 15-11, the underdogs were in a 5v2 situation against Adam “⁠friberg⁠” Friberg and Xizt and the match seemed done and dusted, but the in-game leader’s clutch saved NIP from elimination and allowed a comeback in overtime. The Swedes stepped their game up in the playoffs and went on to win the tournament over Epsilon in the final.

Action situation
NiP down 11-15



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