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BIG strike back against NiP to win BLAST Group A

BIG have topped Group A at the BLAST Premier Spring Groups after beating NIP 2-0 (Vertigo 16-2, Overpass 16-14), taking their revenge on the Swedish side after losing the previous encounter in the group’s upper bracket final. Both teams have already advanced to the $425,000 Spring Final, which will take place in mid-June.

After picking Mirage in the first meeting with the Hampus “⁠hampus⁠” Poser-led side, BIG opted for Vertigo in the rematch against NIP and found much more success there to open the final series with an incredibly dominant victory.

BIG made NiP’s undefeated streak with ztr short-lived

Starting on the Terrorist side, the German side kept getting openings towards the A bombsite while Nicolas “⁠Plopski⁠” Gonzalez Zamora was left to try to salvage the situation with flanks from B in what quickly became a near-impossible map to win. By halftime, BIG were up 13-2, with the only two rounds going the other way coming out of clutch scenarios, and this time NIP weren’t allowed to pull off another one of their massive comebacks, as the map was over three rounds later.

It looked like NIP were going to return the favor on Overpass at first, getting off to a flying start on the offense on the back of big clutch play from Plopski in the pistol round and Erik “⁠ztr⁠” Gustafsson in one of the first gunrounds. The Swedish squad then hit a wall, however, with Ismailcan “⁠XANTARES⁠” Dörtkardeş, tabseN, and Florian “⁠syrsoN⁠” Rische all putting up key performances.

The score was soon even after sides switched, as BIG also won the second pistol round and went on to come out on top of forcebuy shenanigans thanks to Tizian “⁠tiziaN⁠” Feldbusch‘s 1v2 clutch. Narrow situations continued to be the name of the game as NIP stayed alive, courtesy of 1v1s from Tim “⁠nawwk⁠” Jonasson and ztr, but the Swedes faltered at the last hurdle after openings from Nils “⁠k1to⁠” Gruhne gave BIG the 15th and 16th round.



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