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Complexity overcome G2; secure BLAST Premier Spring Finals spot

The return of Valentin “⁠poizon⁠” Vasilev to the fold after a two-month break seemed to have worked wonders for Complexity who have ended their poor run of form leading up to the event with two 2-0 victories, first over Vitality and now G2.

A back-and-forth series between Complexity and G2 saw Benjamin “⁠blameF⁠” Bremer and co. dig themselves out of disadvantages on both maps, with William “⁠RUSH⁠” Wierzba commenting in the post-match interview that the team had a “change of mindset, realizing that even when we are down, it doesn’t matter”.

The 26-year-old American player also touched on his living situation and the team’s poor recent results, noting that these wins make the struggles worth it. “Despite living in hotels, wins like this make up for it, honestly. I forget all about the shit period we had”.

blameF and k0nfig spearheaded Complexity in the series

A 4-1 lead for Complexity on the T side started off Mirage, but the Nikola “⁠NiKo⁠” KovačNemanja “⁠huNter-⁠” Kovač combo got rolling after that, and powered G2 to a 9-6 lead before the half ended. The French-Balkan side won the second half pistol as well, only to again lose the force which gave the momentum over to blameF‘s squad.

Six rounds in a row went the way of Complexity before François “⁠AmaNEk⁠” Delaunay broke into B on his own with just a pistol, making the score 12-12. Then, RUSH stepped up with two key rounds to lock down the approaches, but the score was again tied at 14 apiece. In the decisive moments, Kristian “⁠k0nfig⁠” Wienecke came alive, clutching out a 1v1 against NiKo and spraying down four in the final round to make it 16-14.

Unlike on Mirage, G2 managed to win the pistol as well as convert the second round on Dust2, setting up a strong foundation on the offensive side of the map. After finding themselves 5-0 down following NiKo‘s clutch, Complexity started finding success with their double-AWP setup and brought the game back to 7-8 to end a hectic half.

Frantic action continued after the switch. Complexity won the pistol but G2 stop their streak early and looked to put down a foot on the defense. Just when things were looking good for Nemanja “⁠nexa⁠” Isaković‘s team, their A hold faltered to an eco push. That set Complexity on the path to victory, taking Dust2 16-12.



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