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Illuminar sign new roster |

Illuminar have announced the signing of a new Counter-Strike lineup featuring former members of teams like AGO, Kinguin and

Mikołaj “⁠mouz⁠” Karolewski is the only player transitioning from the previous Illuminar roster, which was benched in December before the players dispersed to other Polish teams. He will be joined by Dominik “⁠GruBy⁠” Swiderski, Patryk “⁠Sidney⁠” Korab, Piotr “⁠morelz⁠” Taterka and Kuba “⁠Markoś⁠” Markowski, with Jędrzej “⁠Bogdan⁠” Rokita being in charge of coaching duties.

GROOBIES will represent Illuminar moving forward

The team competed in the European Development Championship Season 2 open qualifiers earlier this year under the GROOBIES tag, but failed to make it all the way, falling to their StylDunow compatriots in the Round of 16.

It is currently unknown when the team will debut under the Illuminar banner, but it shouldn’t be long as the squad have already been invited to some of the major Polish championships and online cups, according to the Warsaw-based organization.

“Illuminar has a history in CS:GO and we are here to continue it,” Fryderyk “Veggie” Kozioł, Illuminar‘s Head of Esports, said in a statement. “The previous lineup dispersed to other Polish teams, but we are extremely happy to retain mouz. GruBy approached the organization some time ago and we believed in his vision of success. After many years in his previous organization, he is now here to build a new legacy.”

Illuminar are now:

Poland Dominik “⁠GruBy⁠” Swiderski
Poland Patryk “⁠Sidney⁠” Korab
Poland Piotr “⁠morelz⁠” Taterka
Poland Kuba “⁠Markoś⁠” Markowski
Poland Mikołaj “⁠mouz⁠” Karolewski

Poland Jędrzej “⁠Bogdan⁠” Rokita (coach)

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