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Paquetá sign former RED Canids lineup

Paquetá has signed Brazilian quartet Lucas “⁠DeStiNy⁠” Bullo, Dener “⁠KHTEX⁠” Barchfield, Gabriel “⁠nython⁠” Lino, Alef “⁠tatazin⁠” Pereira, Chilean player David “⁠dav1d⁠” Tapia Maldonado, as well as Gustavo “⁠tge⁠” Motta in the position of the team’s coach.

DeStiNy & co. signed with Paquetá

The lineup previously represented RED Canids until they parted ways with the Brazilian organization in early February following a series of lineup changes, which saw Bruno “⁠latto⁠” Rebelatto confirm his departure to form the new GODSENT while the team acquired tatazin.

Paquetá released their former squad featuring Ramon “⁠RMN⁠” Toledo, Leonardo “⁠Torres⁠” Souza, Lucas “⁠segalla⁠” Mancini, Arthur “⁠UnK⁠” Varela Lotti, and Lucas “⁠lukz⁠” Oliveira on Thursday to make room for the new roster.

Paquetá field the following team:

Brazil Lucas “⁠DeStiNy⁠” Bullo
Brazil Dener “⁠KHTEX⁠” Barchfield
Brazil Gabriel “⁠nython⁠” Lino
Brazil Alef “⁠tatazin⁠” Pereira
Chile David “⁠dav1d⁠” Tapia Maldonado

Brazil Gustavo “⁠tge⁠” Motta (coach)

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