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AIm steps down as SAW coach

SAW coach Ricardo “⁠AIm⁠” Almeida has announced that he has decided to step down from his position with immediate effect as he will be taking a break from esports for an undetermined amount of time.

The decision comes as a blow to SAW, who have been led by AIm since the creation of the team, at the beginning of 2020. The Portuguese side have been almost ever-present in the top 30 in the world rankings in the last four months, making deep runs in tournaments like ESEA MDL Season 35, DreamHack Open December and the European Development Championship 1.

AIm had been coaching SAW coach since the creation of the team

“Warriors, I’m grateful for all the battles that you helped us face in the last year,” AIm said. “Together, we achieved something unbelievable. It is with some sadness that I announce that I’ll be leaving gaming for an undetermined period of time.”

SAW are currently sharing the top spot in Group A in ESEA Premier Season 36 with Winstrike following victories over forZe and Apeks in their first two matches. They have also qualified for the knockout stages in European Development Championship 2, which will begin on February 22.

With AIm‘s departure, SAW have:

Portugal Christopher “⁠MUTiRiS⁠” Fernandes
Portugal Ricardo “⁠rmn⁠” Oliveira
Spain Omar “⁠arki⁠” Chakkor
Portugal Renato “⁠stadodo⁠” Gonçalves
Portugal Tiago “⁠JUST⁠” Moura

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