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Isurus sign NikoM, tom1jed |

Isurus have announced that they have completed their team with the double signing of free agents Nicolas “⁠NikoM⁠” Miozzi and Tomas “⁠tom1jed⁠” Rivero. The Argentinian pair will fill the vacant roster spots created by the departures of Jonathan “⁠JonY BoY⁠” Muñoz and Caike “⁠caike⁠” Costa.

This will be NikoM‘s second stint with Isurus after previously donning the organisation’s colours between June 2017 and May 2018. He was last seen playing for x6tence‘s Argentinian lineup, which disbanded in June 2020.

NikoM is about to start his second stint with Isurus

tom1jed is mostly known for his four-month stint with Furious, who finished second at the FlowFiReLEAGUE Regional Finals before losing to eventual champions BOOM in the first round of the circuit’s Global Final.

“Both players are very hardworking and studious, they fit into the team’s philosophy well,” Isurus manager Juan Manuel “mvk” Argogliosi told the organisation’s official website.

Meanwhile, Isurus have announced that they have promoted assistant Joaquin “⁠lokomotioN⁠” Abasolo to become the new head coach, replacing Rodrigo “⁠pino⁠” Manarino, who is transitioning to an analyst role within the organisation.

“Joa (lokomotioN) is going to lead the team during the first part of the year and Pino is going to focus his energies on the team’s game, setting up tactics and analyzing opponents,” mvk explained.

In the announcement video, Isurus restated that the team will be moving to Europe sometime in 2021. In late January, the Argentinian organisation announced that it had already secured visas for all of their players.

Isurus now have:

Argentina Nicolás “⁠Noktse⁠” Dávila
Argentina Roberto “⁠reversive⁠” Themtham
Argentina Marcos “⁠deco⁠” Amato
Argentina Nicolas “⁠NikoM⁠” Miozzi
Argentina Tomas “⁠tom1jed⁠” Rivero

Argentina Joaquin “⁠lokomotioN⁠” Abasolo (head coach)

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