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anarkez parts ways with HellRaisers

Guy “⁠anarkez⁠” Trachtman has parted ways with HellRaisers, the 21-year-old has announced on Twitter. The Israeli AWPer is now on the lookout for a new team.

He played alongside Vadim “⁠Flarich⁠” Karetin and company for the past month, after he joined the team on trial as a replacement for the then transfer-listed Dmitriy “⁠jR⁠” Chervak – who has since been released – in the middle of January.

anarkez is left teamless again (Photo courtesy of Aequus)

In that time, anarkez averaged a 1.09 rating over 44 maps while HellRaisers most notably made it to the semi-finals at Shadow League Season 1 and qualified for DreamHack Open January, where they went on to place last after losses to BIG and FunPlus Phoenix.

The organization is yet to comment on the current status of the team. In their latest match in ESEA Premier Season 36 against Winstrike, the European side was seen playing with jR, who is the only other player registered in their lineup for the league, excluding coach Rustam “⁠TsaGa⁠” Tsagolov.

anarkez previously played for Secret in 2020, where he made his name as an up-and-coming AWPer, before the team departed the organization and disbanded at the end of the year, leaving the Israeli player teamless.

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HellRaisers are left with:

Latvia Vadim “⁠Flarich⁠” Karetin
Lithuania Nikolaj “⁠kalinka⁠” Rysakov
Russia Dmitriy “⁠ProbLeM⁠” Martinov
Russia Nikita “⁠JIaYm⁠” Panyushkin

Russia Rustam “⁠TsaGa⁠” Tsagolov (coach)

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