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Singularity finalize roster with smF and larsen

Singularity have added Danni “⁠smF⁠” Dyg and Sebastian “⁠larsen⁠” Larsen to their roster, bringing the team to completion after the removals of Tobias “⁠TOBIZ⁠” Theo and Casper “⁠Celrate⁠” Andersen in early January, the organization has announced.

Meanwhile, larsen has also assumed in-game leadership of the team, a role that he will fulfill for the first time in his career. “I’ve changed role to IGL, so I’ll try to call which means I also have a lot to work on for myself,” the 23-year-old has stated. “It will be an exciting journey, and it will definitely be tough at times – but it’s a fight that must be fought as a team.”

smF and larsen complete Singularity’s squad

smF and larsen return to the Danish scene after they both recently played in international lineups. The former was part of Secret for four months before the team disbanded late last year, while the latter competed with Movistar Riders in the latter half of 2020 until he got benched in January.

“The trip abroad was an educational experience, but I think I speak on both larsen’s and my own behalf when I say it’s good to be back in Danish CS:GO again,” smF shared. “It’s just not the same elsewhere.”

The newest members have already underwent their debut with the team, having played in the first two matches of ESEA Premier Season 36 Group A against HellRaisers and GamerLegion, both of which they lost 0-2.

Singularity now boasts the following roster:

Denmark Emil “⁠Remoy⁠” Schlichter
Denmark Anton “⁠notaN⁠” Pedersen
Denmark Oliver “⁠IceBerg⁠” Berg
Denmark Danni “⁠smF⁠” Dyg
Denmark Sebastian “⁠larsen⁠” Larsen

Denmark Nicklas “⁠brieF⁠” Jørgensen (coach)

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