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DreamHack Open March closed qualifier invites revealed

DreamHack Open March is taking place on March 11-14 in two regions, North America and South America, with $100,000 split among both tournaments, $70,000 for the former and $30,000 for the latter, as well as ESL Pro Tour points in play.

The North American event will have eight teams, of which six will be invited directly and two will come from the closed qualifier, while the South American tournament will feature four teams, two invited and two coming from qualifiers.

Sonic and JT’s Extra Salt will be competing in the closed qualifier

The North American closed qualifier will feature four teams hailing from two different open qualifiers and the four invited teams, which are Extra Salt, Third Impact, Mythic and Secret Club. The qualifier will be a double-elimination best-of-three bracket played on February 25-27, with the top two teams going through.

The North America closed qualifier invites are:

The two South American teams that have been to invited to the closed qualifier on February 25-26 are the Argentine-Uruguayan-Brazilian team 9z and the Brazilian quintet of Havan Liberty, who will be fighting two teams from the open qualifier in the best-of-three bracket for two spots at the main event.

The South America closed qualifier invites are:

South America 9z
South America Open qualifier #1

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