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Pinnacle Cup with $100,000 announced

Pinnacle and Relog Media have announced a new tournament, which will hand out $100,000 in prizemoney and feature a total of 32 teams, who will enter the competition at different points across the three stages.

The event will begin with a GSL group stage, which will see 16 invited teams distributed into four groups and play for four spots in the Swiss stage, for which twelve more teams have been invited, including the likes of EXTREMUM, Endpoint, and GODSENT.

EXTREMUM are among the teams invited for the second stage

The Swiss stage will yield eight spots in the single elimination playoffs, where four more teams — FunPlus Phoenix, Gambit, and two yet-to-be-determined invites — will enter the competition a round ahead of the rest.

The tournament will be broadcast by The Esports Bible on their English, Portuguese, and Russian Twitch channels. The group stage is slated to take place on March 3-5, followed by the Swiss stage on March 6-14, with the playoffs taking place on March 21-April 4.

26 out of the 32 participating teams have been revealed so far, with their distribution among the three stages looking as follows:

Group stage

Swiss stage


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