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peacemaker on the community’s notion that he ruins teams: “I just try to ignore so I don’t carry that with me”

Luis “⁠peacemaker⁠” Tadeu is currently evaluating his options following MAD Lions‘ decision to relieve him of his duties in early February. The 32-year-old had been working with the Danish team for nearly 14 months, most notably helping them to win the $1 million Flashpoint 1 over MIBR in April 2020.

peacemaker wasn’t expecting to leave MAD Lions

In an interview with, peacemaker shed more light on his departure from MAD Lions, which, he restated, came as a surprise to him. He also explained why the team chose Paweł “⁠innocent⁠” Mocek to replace Lucas “⁠Bubzkji⁠” Andersen in 2020, and reflected on the community’s image of him.

I was a bit surprised when I saw that MAD Lions had parted ways with you, and I noticed that refrezh, sjuush, roeJ, and HooXi spoke highly of you on Twitter. Was their opinion not taken into account?

I think my departure from MAD Lions came as a surprise to many, including myself. It wasn’t planned by me or anything. I still have contractual and ethical obligations towards the organisation, so there are things that I prefer not to comment on, but what I can definitely say is that my relationship with the players has always been excellent. They are good guys with amazing talent, and their comments on my departure meant a lot to me.

Was Rejin behind the decision? His Twitter bio says he’s the Senior Manager of MAD Lions’ CS:GO team, but neither he nor the organisation has made an announcement about his role.

I was told by the owner of the organisation that they would like to take another path in 2021 and that I wasn’t in their plans. Rejin was not in the meeting, and I didn’t get to talk with him. I didn’t refer him to the organisation, I don’t know his role in the organisation, and I saw it on Twitter as well, but MAD Lions haven’t commented on it. I don’t know if he had any influence or not.

Was it your idea to sign innocent, or did it come from the team?

I’ll have to provide some context on this one. We needed a player, and the team showed interest in keeping a Danish lineup because of the language. We evaluated the options available at the time, during the summer break. We spent a lot of time talking with some players, and we got very close to signing Lekr0, but he opted to play for North. That negotiation took a good chunk of our time, and we had to sign a player before the ESL One Cologne roster lock. We had a few options, and AcilioN came up with innocent’s name and said good things about him.

We signed innocent after I talked to him, and he knows he wasn’t our first or second option. He’s a great kid who gave his best, but unfortunately, I think the players underestimated the language barrier. It was good for me for a while, because I got to understand how they approached the game once they started communicating in English, but it was better for us when we got back to a full Danish lineup.

What do you have to say about your image as a coach? Part of the community thinks that you’re not good enough and some people even think that you ruin the teams you join.

At the beginning of my coaching career, I was the in-game leader for Tempo Storm and Liquid, and when Valve limited the way coaches could communicate, in 2016, I couldn’t be the captain anymore. It was a tough period in general, I really got lost and had to reinvent myself as a coach. I worked with some teams and I didn’t enjoy the same success that I had in Tempo Storm and Liquid, and I think that’s why some people, including some that are influential in the scene, got that impression of me. Those people criticized me a lot during that period, I know I made some mistakes, but I learned a lot from them.

Now, to ruin teams? This and some other comments that people make, I just try to ignore them so I don’t carry that with me because I’ve never seen anybody, players or organisations, say publicly that I ruined any of the teams that I have coached. I really don’t understand why some people say that, I get a bit frustrated but I tend to not let that affect me. I have coached only two teams since 2017, and I have tried to maintain things stable and with good performances. I think I achieved that in the last two teams that I coached and that’s what I want to keep on doing.

You said in your statement that you were considering becoming an assistant coach. Why?

My main goal is to remain a head coach, but I left this door open because most of the teams avoid making changes during the beginning of the year, and most of the top teams already have good coaches at the helm of their projects. Some of them aren’t playing that well lately, and maybe one of these head coaches would see this as an opportunity to hire me as an assistant. I don’t want to work as an analyst remotely, though, because I want to be involved with the team on a daily basis, during scrims and tournaments, and be able to use my experience and assist the head coach with whatever he needs.

If you were to build a team from scratch, would you pick players from Brazil or from other countries?

I would love to work with Brazilian players, and one of my ambitions for the future is to work with a Brazilian team. It’s where I came from and I didn’t stay in the scene as much as I would have liked. But in the current scenario, the majority of Brazilian players are under contracts, and you also have the language barrier, which is an issue. For example, if you’re building an international team with Brazilian players, you will need people who speak English well, almost fluently; otherwise, it won’t work out. And right now, I think fer is the only player available who speaks English very well, so I would definitely consider signing him for an international team. But this international project wouldn’t have more than one or two Brazilians.

If you were to choose a team that’s already established or one that doesn’t have a head coach, what team would you pick?

Most of the established teams already have coaches, so I would have to replace someone, but FaZe is definitely the team that comes to mind, especially after coldzera joined them. I like him a lot, we have a great relationship, and I like all the other players on FaZe as well. I think they have great potential that hasn’t been unleashed, and they would be my first choice if I got to choose. Speaking about players, I already said that I’d love to work with FalleN, but I’m in a position where I can’t choose much (laughs). I can say that I have had talks with two big teams to potentially become an assistant coach, and I’ll wait for more opportunities so that I can make the best decision for my career.

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