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Bubzkji: “We had to rethink the whole idea of a six-man roster; I’m going to play multiple maps”

In a press conference ahead of the IEM Katowice playoffs, Lucas “⁠Bubzkji⁠” Andersen has revealed that Astralis‘ view of the six-man roster has evolved in recent times. The 22-year-old has not played for the team in the last month, sitting out the recent Nuke game against mousesports in the first round of IEM Katowice.

According to Bubzkji, the organization’s approach changed following Valve’s announcement of the 2021 Regional Major Ranking system, in which teams will not be able to make mid-match substitutions, like Astralis had done between December and January.

Astralis are going to approach the six-man roster differently

“Valve wasn’t going to allow substitutions for the RMR [events], so we had to rethink the whole idea of a six-man roster and I think we tried to come up with something different,” Bubzkji revealed. “The difference is that I won’t really just play one map — now I’m going to play multiple maps.

“It’s kind of hard to do it the way we have when Valve limits it, so we’re trying to work on solutions around it. We have something coming up — maybe not in the [IEM Katowice] playoffs, but after the playoffs, from Pro League, I think we’re going to see me coming in to do some work.”

Bubzkji struggled to make an impact during his stretch of eight Nuke games, putting up above-average ratings only in the one-sided victories against FURIA and mousesports. He has admitted that his previous positions on the map were not a good fit, adding that his role will change so that he can be more comfortable in the game.

“I think it was no secret that some of the roles on Nuke weren’t perfect for me, and I also think that maybe hindered my performance a little bit, so now we’re going to try again in a new way,” Bubzkji shared. “I think the way we’re going to do it now is going to work better for both them and me.”

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