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TIGER part ways with team

TIGER have parted ways with their Mongolian squad after a year together, the players have told The team will stick together despite the setback in hopes of remaining a top contender in Asia and becoming a competitor on the world stage.

Initially headlined by Erdenetsogt “⁠erkaSt⁠” Gantulga under the AUGUST tag, the Asian squad were picked up by TIGER last March and came close to signing Owen “⁠smooya⁠” Butterfield and Marco “⁠Snappi⁠” Pfeiffer in May, although they didn’t go through with the creation of the international team following high-profile victories against the likes of TYLOO and ViCi in their first-place finishes in ESL One: Road to Rio – Asia and Weibo Cup Asian Championship.

The Mongolian squad’s form oscillated after those results, and shortly after PAL Fall, Bold “⁠ncl⁠” Batsuh and erkaSt parted ways with the team — the latter joining the international Asian squad formed under the NG banner.

dobu and company are searching for a new organization to play for

With Boldbaatar “⁠rate⁠” Tengis and Sodbileg “⁠cool4st⁠” Batbaatar filling the vacant roster spots, TIGER qualified for DreamHack Masters Winter, in which they finished in second place, and won ESEA Open Season 35 Asia-Pacific, ending 2020 on a high note. In January, the team made one last change, bringing in 21-year-old Uuganbayar “⁠neuz⁠” Nyam-Otgon, formerly of Mazaalai, in lieu of cool4st.

“It’s been a year since we joined TIGER, and during that time we’ve had a lot of success and proved that we’re one of the best teams in Asia,” Gan-Erdene “⁠dobu⁠” Batbold told “Now our goal is to become a stable No.1 team in Asia and also become a strong team that can compete against the best teams in the world.

“Unfortunately, our time with TIGER ends here. We are now searching for a new organization that will help us compete on the international stage and we can be reached at [email protected] We would also like to thank all our fans that support us.”

TIGER had the following roster:

Mongolia Gan-Erdene “⁠dobu⁠” Batbold
Mongolia Batbayar “⁠kabal⁠” Bat-Enkh
Mongolia Uuganbayar “⁠neuz⁠” Nyam-Otgon
Mongolia Yesuntumur “⁠nin9⁠” Gantulga
Mongolia Boldbaatar “⁠rate⁠” Tengis

Mongolia Tuguldur “flynn” Gansukh (coach)

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