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NAVI add Dem0N to academy roster

The 13-year-old Ukrainian was recruited after impressing on FACEIT.

Natus Vincere have picked up 13-year-old Dmytro “⁠Dem0N⁠” Myroshnychenko to play in their academy, the organisation announced on Thursday. The Ukrainian youngster was offered a spot after being noticed on the FACEIT platform, where he has an average K/D of 1.31 and a 53% win rate over almost 2000 matches.

“A 13-year-old talented boy is exactly the case where we need to look strategically far into the future,” NAVI COO Alexey “⁠xaoc⁠” Kucherov said. “We are happy to support Dima (Dem0N) in his professional career, and we will do our best to ensure that by the age of 16 he will be able to terrify the best teams in the world.”

The announcement comes just days after NAVI announced an overhaul of their academy project, with Kirill “⁠Gospadarov⁠” Gospadarov, Ivan “⁠kapacho⁠” Koplenko, and Alexey “⁠Topa⁠” Topchienko having all been removed from NAVI Junior and made available for transfer.

NAVI currently have eight players in their academy set-up and will soon announce which of them will represent NAVI Junior. The organisation will also launch a dedicated website for future applicants in the near future as it hopes to recruit young talents “all year round”, according to xaoc.

NAVI’s academy set-up currently includes:

Ukraine Valeriy “⁠B1T⁠” Vakhovskiy
Russia Ilya “⁠m0NESY⁠” Osipov
Russia Eugene “⁠Aunkere⁠” Karyat
Ukraine Rodion “⁠fear⁠” Smyk
Ukraine Sergey “⁠pogor3lov⁠” Pogoryelov
Ukraine Daniil “⁠Synyx⁠” Mazur
Ukraine Daniil “⁠headtr1ck⁠” Valitov
Ukraine Dmytro “⁠Dem0N⁠” Myroshnychenko

Ukraine Amiran “⁠aMi⁠” Rehviashvili (coach)

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