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Sharks and Paquetá advance to WESG 2021 Brazil Finals

Sharks and Paquetá have booked a spot in the WESG 2021 Brazil Finals following victories over Havan Liberty and Imperial, respectively, in WESG 2021 Brazil on Saturday.

The grand finals will be the first Brazilian tournament played on LAN since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, and will take place in Rio de Janeiro on March 7. The winner will earn $3,150, while the runners-up will receive $1,575.

Sharks and Paquetá are two of the best Brazilian teams playing in local events

Although there is no info available about a WESG 2021 global event at the moment, WESG LatAm is running two other tournaments as well: WESG 2021 LatAm South with four Argentinian squads and WESG 2021 LatAm North with teams from Peru, Mexico, and Ecuador.

Apart from Havan Liberty, Sharks defeated FURIA Academy in the quarter-finals on Thursday, while Paquetá beat SWS on Wednesday.





The WESG 2021 Brazil final standings are:

1-2. Brazil Sharks – Finals
1-2. Brazil Paquetá – Finals
3-4. Brazil Havan Liberty
3-4. Brazil Imperial
5-8. Brazil FURIA Academy
5-8. Brazil Bravos
5-8. Brazil SWS
5-8. Brazil Santos

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