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Lekr0 joins Dignitas |

The Swedish player will make his first appearance for the team later on Sunday in the Pinnacle Cup.

Jonas “⁠Lekr0⁠” Olofsson has completed a move to Dignitas, the North American organisation announced on Sunday. The former fnatic and NIP player will step into the shoes of Haris “⁠H4RR3⁠” Hadzic, who has been removed from the starting lineup just five months after his signing from Nordavind.

The 27-year-old returns to action after some time on the sidelines following North’s decision to leave esports due to financial reasons. He joined the Danish organisation from NIP in August 2020, making his final appearance for the team in DreamHack Masters Winter, before the end of the year.

Lekr0 reunites with f0rest in Dignitas

Lekr0 will once again link up with Patrik “⁠f0rest⁠” Lindberg, his NIP teammate for 18 months, in this new challenge. Their time together came to an end in January 2020, when f0rest left the team after almost eight years and signed for Dignitas.

Dignitas now have:

Sweden Patrik “⁠f0rest⁠” Lindberg
Norway Håkon “⁠hallzerk⁠” Fjærli
Sweden Adam “⁠friberg⁠” Friberg
Sweden Ludvig “⁠HEAP⁠” Alonso
Sweden Jonas “⁠Lekr0⁠” Olofsson

Norway Haris “⁠H4RR3⁠” Hadzic (benched)

Norway Halvor “⁠vENdetta⁠” Gulestøl (coach)

More to follow…

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