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Extra Salt go undefeated to qualify for DreamHack Masters Spring

Extra Salt have booked a ticket to DreamHack Masters Spring after topping the North American closed qualifier, remaining undefeated in the upper bracket and securing wins over every other participating team en route to securing their spot.

Johnny “⁠JT⁠” Theodosiou and company kicked off their bracket run with a 2-1 win over Triumph, maintaining momentum into their second match-up as they scored a pair of 16-12 victories on Train and Inferno over Bad News Bears to advance to the grand final.

There, High Coast lay in wait after fighting their way through the lower bracket with former Extra Salt member Ian “⁠motm⁠” Hardy in place of Jonathan “⁠djay⁠” Dallal, setting up a revenge match-up for the 21-year-old rifler against his former squad.

oSee continues to post stellar numbers for Extra Salt

Extra Salt were initially put on the back foot in the deciding series as Rodrigo “⁠RCF⁠” Figueiredo and Josh “⁠PwnAlone⁠” Pigue led their side to success on Inferno, taking the map 16-8. However, oSee immediately stepped up to bat on Extra Salt‘s pick of Train, posting a 1.91 rating and 30-12 K-D to help his team even the series score.

On the Overpass decider, oSee continued to pick apart High Coast‘s attempts to enter bombsites, with the rest of Extra Salt joining the fray as they pulled ahead 12-3 at the break. High Coast remained resilient in the second half, pushing up to nine rounds, but were unable to truly get a comeback effort going as oSee‘s side remained firmly in control, wasting little time before closing out the map.

DreamHack Masters Spring, which is set to run from April 29 – May 9, will offer the former Cloud9 core their first taste of international competition since they took part in Flashpoint 1 over a year prior. The team list for the $250,000 event currently looks as follows:

North America

United States

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