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OG take down BIG in ESL Pro League Season 13

The first day of the ESL Pro League Season 13 group stage came to an end with OG, ranked 18th in the world, managing a 2-1 victory over world No.7 BIG,

Aleksi “⁠Aleksib⁠” Virolainen‘s men secured the win just one day after crashing out of the DreamHack Masters Spring Closed Qualifier after being upset by Bulgarian side VOYVODA in the second lower bracket round.

The stand-in stood out for OG

The match between BIG and OG was closely contested one for the first two maps, as Overpass and Nuke were split with 16-14 scorelines. The series took a turn on the final map, Inferno, which ended with a resounding 16-6 victory by OG.

In the post-match interview, Aleksib praised their stand-in Nikolaj “⁠niko⁠” Kristensen, who was benched by Heroic at the end of February. The 22-year-old Dane not only top fragged the series, but according to the in-game leader, provides great communication and energy. However, it is “too early to say” if niko is the long-term solution for OG, he added.



ESL Pro League Season 13 group A continues on Tuesday with the following schedule: