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Imperial beat Sharks to book DH Open March SA final spot

Imperial are through to the grand final of DreamHack Open March South America after besting Sharks 2-0 in the upper bracket final. They will head into Sunday’s title decider with a one-map advantage, while Sharks drop down to the consolidation final to face the winner of Havan Liberty vs. 9z on Saturday.

Imperial enjoyed a great start to the series on Mirage as they chained five together after losing the pistol round. Sharks picked themselves up and tied the game before zqkS‘ troops won five in a row again to round out their CT side. Imperial lost the second pistol round as well, but they dominated the game once they had rifles and quickly put Sharks against the ropes. Jhonatan “⁠jnt⁠” Silva‘s men slowly came back to the game before Guilherme “⁠piriaz1n⁠” Barbosa won a 1v2 clutch to seal the map for Imperial, finishing the map with 25 kills and a 1.59 rating.

SHOOWTiME was the top fragger on Mirage

Sharks put on a great defensive performance on Nuke and would have won more than 10 rounds in the first half if it wasn’t for the individual efforts of piriaz1n and zqkS. jnt ‘s troops struggled in the early stages of their T side, but a successful force-buy propelled them to reach map point. With no margin for error, Imperial came back from 12-15 down to push the game to overtime, and, with momentum behind them, won four rounds without response to close the series.



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