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SKADE have cemented their roster by signing Georgi “⁠SHiPZ⁠” Grigorov as the fifth member of the team and renewing the rest of the players on the squad.

SHiPZ‘s signing comes after several months on trial with the Bulgarian side, as he started playing with the team in December 2020 following a stint with MBAPPEEK after going inactive in c0ntact in the middle of the year.

SHiPZ is now a full-fledged member of SKADE

Despite his youth, the 20-year-old will bring plenty of experience to the team, who average 19.9 years of age, as the WESG 2018 World Finals champion, where he was named the tournament’s MVP in Windigo‘s title run.

“I am super happy that we were able to find a deal that both sides were happy with and we can finally announce SHiPZ as an official squad member,” says SKADE‘s CEO Kim-Erik Aanes, “I am also super thrilled to have the rest of the squad renew their contracts with us. It has been a great ride so far and the time to come holds great things for these young guys.”

Since joining up with SKADE, SHiPZ has helped the team win an ESEA Cash Cup and finish 1st-2nd at Snow Sweet Snow 2 Regionals, where they beat ONYX, MBAPPEEK, eXploit, TRIDENT and AGO, although they struggled at the main event going out in 13-15th place with wins over Anonymo and Nemiga followed by losses to Winstrike, Sinners and MIBR.

“I’m very excited to join SKADE and my motivation is at a high,” SHiPZ stated in regards to his signing, “I know all these players already and I know how good they are. I really believe we have everything we need to become a top team and we have set a goal of becoming a top 30 team in the next six months.”

SKADE will now continue to play the Snow Sweet Snow tournament series while also trying their luck at any available open qualifier, with their next tournament being Snow Sweet Snow 3 Regionals, slated to start on March 15, which they will play in Group G, the Balkans group, alongside ONYX, Nexus and FATE.

SKADE are now:

Bulgaria Georgi “⁠SHiPZ⁠” Grigorov
Bulgaria Denislav “⁠dennyslaw⁠” Dimitrov
Bulgaria Viktor “⁠Duplicate⁠” Mitev
Bulgaria Alex “⁠Rainwaker⁠” Petrov
Bulgaria Blagoi “⁠Oxygen⁠” Dimitrov

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