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High Coast, paiN round out DreamHack Open March NA playoffs

The final playoff teams for DreamHack Open March North America have been determined, with High Coast and paiN securing wins in their group deciders over Triumph and Bad News Bears, respectively, to secure berths to the top-four stage.

It took all three maps and two overtimes for High Coast to claim victory over Alan “⁠Shakezullah⁠” Hardeman‘s troops, a feat made all the more difficult as Ben “⁠ben1337⁠” Smith‘s side started the series with a one-sided loss on their own map pick, Inferno.

Although Triumph were the first to claim match point on both Nuke and Dust2, they were unable to take either map over the line, with Brandon “⁠bew⁠” Roberts powering his side to overtime wins on both maps to narrowly edge out the series for his side.

motm will take on his former teammates on Saturday

Bad News Bears, who were left without one of their key pieces in Jonathan “⁠Jonji⁠” Carey as he serves out a mandatory quarantine period in a hotel due to COVID-19 restrictions, were unable to maintain the strong form they had showcased in the first match of the tournament with their Canadian entry fragger, falling in two maps to paiN.

The Brazilian side recovered from a 6-9 deficit on their pick, Nuke, edging out a win on the map before putting up a stalwart defense on Inferno to take a clear-cut victory over Peter “⁠ptr⁠” Gurney‘s men.

paiN will take on Liquid in the first semi-final match-up on Saturday at 22:00