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Project X disband |

Project X have decided to disband, the team have announced. The roster has split up into two parts, with Dmitriy “⁠SENSEi⁠” Shvorak, Alexandr “⁠Psycho⁠” Zlobin, and Sergey “⁠Sergiz⁠” Atamanchuk searching for new teammates and an organization, while Yevhenii “⁠7oX1C⁠” Motsevyi, Igor “⁠w0nderful⁠” Zhdanov, and coach Aleksey “⁠Nevar⁠” Voronov are looking to stick together, as well.

According to 7oX1C, the team decided to part ways after a lack of invites to notable tournaments following the team’s rise to 43rd place in the HLTV ranking in early February resulted in motivation issues and underperformance.

Project X have split in half

“We’ve had several problems throughout the last couple of months despite achieving our peak HLTV ranking, sitting at #43,” 7oX1C told “Everyone in the team was hyped about getting into the top 50 and we were ready to aim for higher goals, but we stopped getting any invites from tournaments on HLTV, which ended up in lack of motivation and a huge underperformance.”

Project X first launched at the end of 2019 with the remnants of the former Windigo Academy team, featuring the core duo of Sergiz and Psycho alongside Igor “⁠dERZKIY⁠” Radosavlevich, Roma “⁠dOBRIY⁠” Rusak, and Dmitry “⁠rAge⁠” Bolotov.

Throughout 2020 the team underwent tumultuous times, making multiple changes over the course of the first few months and signing with CR4ZY, before the organization decided to release all of their esports teams in September, which saw the Ukrainian side return to the Project X banner for the following six months.

Project X were:

Ukraine Sergey “⁠Sergiz⁠” Atamanchuk
Ukraine Alexandr “⁠Psycho⁠” Zlobin
Ukraine Dmitriy “⁠SENSEi⁠” Shvorak
Ukraine Yevhenii “⁠7oX1C⁠” Motsevyi
Ukraine Igor “⁠w0nderful⁠” Zhdanov

Russia Aleksey “⁠Nevar⁠” Voronov (coach)

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