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Gambit dismantle TeamOne to extend their unbeaten streak in ESL Pro League

Gambit demolished TeamOne in an extremely one-sided affair with 16-5 wins on Inferno and Mirage to extend their winning streak to four matches in ESL Pro League Season 13 Group C. An impactful showing from Ax1Le on both maps and an outstanding AWP performance from Dmitry “⁠sh1ro⁠” Sokolov on Mirage meant the team faced little resistance in the series.

Abay “⁠Hobbit⁠” Khasenov and co. have just one match left to play in the group against FURIA and will look to take down the Brazilians handily to round off a perfect run and secure a Play-in spot. “It will be a hard game, they are in really good form,” Ax1Le said in a post-match interview. “It will probably be three maps and we will do our best versus them.”

Ax1Le capped off the two maps with a 1.82 rating and 111.7 ADR

Ax1Le opened up Inferno with a 4K in the CT pistol followed by a 1v1 clutch to get Gambit off to winning ways. Mario “⁠malbsMd⁠” Samayoa looked certain to finally post a first round for his team on a Desert Eagle buy, but Hobbit rose to the occasion in a 1v2 to make it six in a row. The blossoming Guatemalan made up for his side letting a sure round slip by putting up back-to-back multi-kills as TeamOne went on to add a trio of rounds. Gambit stamped their foot down to halt the opposition’s streak and an Ax1Le ace promptly wrapped up the half 11-4, with the young Russian posting a 23-6 K-D and 138.9 ADR at the break.

The Russian squad swiftly set to work on the offence to close out proceedings and hit map point in no time. TeamOne could only deny Gambit for a solitary round off the back of a 2v3 before a 16-5 scoreline was finalised for Vladislav “⁠nafany⁠” Gorshkov and co. on their opponent’s map pick.

sh1ro kicked off Mirage with an ace on the T side to enable the AWP to come out in the second round, and from there, Gambit looked unstoppable. It wasn’t until TeamOne faced a 0-9 score that malbsMd helped his team get off the mark with a double kill, with Pedro “⁠Maluk3⁠” Campos coming alive with a 4K to add another. The Brazilians salvaged five rounds at the midway point but still faced a tall task ahead as they swapped to the offence.

Similarly to Inferno, Gambit came out the gates hot once they switched sides. Now on the defence, the Russian squad overwhelmingly won their duels across the map to close out the series with another 16-5 scoreline.



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