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Singularity bench Remoy |

One month after rounding out their roster with Danni “⁠smF⁠” Dyg and Sebastian “⁠larsen⁠” Larsen, Singularity have now made another change, benching Emil “⁠Remoy⁠” Schlichter.

The change comes after a 1-7 run in ESEA Premier, where Singularity‘s sole victory was against Wisla Krakow and the losses came at the hands of SAW, Winstrike and forZe, among others, which ended up with the Danish squad being directly relegated to ESEA Advanced.

The decision to bench Remoy ends a near year-long stint for the player with the Danish organization, during which he gained experience playing in several Eden Arena Malta Vibes and Nine to Five cups as well as the ESEA Premier league.

Remoy has been removed from Singularity’s starting five

“I have had it rough while playing in Singularity as players have been sold to the left and right, so I never really found myself during most of my time in Singularity, but I know I have much more unredeemed potential to offer,” Remoy said regarding his time in Singularity.

“I think the team is heading in the right direction and just need to grind some more,” the 23-year-old added in his statement, “but going forward it will not be with me. It has been a great pleasure to play under the Team Singularity banner and I wish them nothing but the best, but my time in CS is not over at all, and I’m therefore open to all offers.”

The Danish organization is hard pressed to find a fifth player to fill Remoy‘s shoes, as they are slated to play their next event on March 26-28, Nordic Masters Spring, where they will be fighting for a spot at BLAST Premier Spring Showdown with HAVU, ENCE, GODSENT, Dignitas, Galaxy Racer and MAD Lions.

“These situations are never easy, but with bad results come tough choices,” Singularity CEO Atle S. Stehouwer commented, “I hope that a roster change will be the first step in the right direction upon solving our CS:GO equation, but this decision comes with a heavy heart as I believe Emil has a great potential to be unlocked and has a bright future ahead of him. I hope we can find Emil a solid team to continue his grind in the future, and I’m open to all potential interest in the matter.”

Singularity‘s roster is currently:

DenmarkAnton “⁠notaN⁠” Pedersen
DenmarkOliver “⁠IceBerg⁠” Berg
DenmarkSebastian “⁠larsen⁠” Larsen
DenmarkDanni “⁠smF⁠” Dyg

DenmarkEmil “⁠Remoy⁠” Schlichter (benched)

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