Counter Strike: Global Offensive kick off ESL Pro League Group D with win over Endpoint

Cruising to the victory on Inferno (16-9) and closing out Overpass despite a sloppy CT side (16-13) added up to a 2-0 series for Dzhami “⁠Jame⁠” Ali and co., kicking off their ESL Pro League Season 13 campaign on the right foot.

The game against Endpoint was‘s first official since the grand final of IEM Katowice, which they lost 3-1 to Gambit. In the post-match interview on the Pro League broadcast, Mareks “⁠YEKINDAR⁠” Gaļinskis noted that his team took a 10-day break after their last event, and are happy with their performance today as it was a “game to get back into the rhythm”. When asked about which team in group D he is looking forward to facing, the Latvian picked the Danish powerhouse: “We are always happy to play Astralis.”

On the other hand, Endpoint‘s loss ended their seven-match winning streak ahead of the Fantasyexpo Spring Cup playoffs, where they will face Sprout in the semi-finals today at 18:00