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Dignitas top Nordic Masters Spring to secure BLAST Premier Spring Showdown spot

Dignitas have come out on top of Nordic Masters Spring, securing a spot at the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown, taking place from April 13-18, where they will join the likes of Astralis, Gambit, Vitality, and G2 in a fight for over $160,000 in prizemoney and two spots at the Spring Final.

Patrik “⁠f0rest⁠” Lindberg and company continued to build their confidence with their newest addition, Jonas “⁠Lekr0⁠” Olofsson, as the Swedish side dominated the tournament, beating Galaxy Racer and HAVU 2-0 in the playoffs to complete an undefeated run through the qualifier.

Lekr0 topped the tournament’s charts with a 1.37 rating

Dignitas‘ addition to the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown brings the $162,500 tournament’s team list near completion. Only one more spot is left to be determined in the VENN Invitational North American qualifier, whose playoffs bracket is set to come to a close on Sunday, with Extra Salt, Triumph, paiN, and ChocoCheck still in the running.

Below you can find the updated list of participants of BLAST Premier Spring Showdown:

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