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Leaked recording exposes match-fixing discussions in ESEA MDL

An audio recording obtained by has revealed an October 2020 conversation between Sebastian “⁠retchy⁠” Tropiano, Carson “⁠nosraC⁠” O’Reilly and Kevin “⁠4pack⁠” Przypasniak in which the then-Rebirth trio are discussing plans to fix two ESEA MDL matches.

According to Dexerto, the matches in question – against Incognito and Russian Canadians – were postponed or forfeited after the players were made aware of the possibility of the recording existing as they wanted to be certain no-one was monitoring the betting activity of matches they were involved in fixing.

In the recording, retchy explained that Rebirth had planned on losing their match versus Russian Canadians for nearly a week, with the opposing team’s in-game leader, Alex “⁠vek⁠” Voynov, “agreeing to radar.” By this, retchy means that vek would stream his radar during the match to Rebirth, giving the team knowledge of the outcome of specific rounds and scenarios.

David “⁠J0LZ⁠” Jolin, another Russian Canadians player, was also mentioned by name as “being okay with it,” while Dylan “⁠Saturn⁠” Finch and Ian “⁠battery⁠” Yates, two of the team’s other members, were absolved of involvement as retchy specifically asks for them to be kept out of the loop so that it can “look like a legit tryhard game.”

The release of the transcript is the first public report relating to recent match-fixing in North American CS:GO. On Wednesday, the Commissioner of the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC), Ian Smith, revealed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is now also involved in the ongoing investigation, with the first subsection of the report set to be released “within the next ten days to two weeks.”

The complete transcript of the recording can be found here.

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