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Nordavind invited to Elisa Invitational Spring

Nordavind have been handed an invite to compete at Elisa Invitational Spring, where they will be playing for the lion’s share of $50,000 against other Nordic and European teams.

So far, the confirmed teams Kevin “⁠HS⁠” Tarn and company will be in contention with are Tricked, HAVU, Apeks, Young Ninjas and ENCE, the former four being the teams that made it to the tournament through regional qualifiers and the latter being the first invited team announced.

Nordavind have been following an upward trend in the team ranking

Nordavind have been announced as the sixth team in the tournament following a slew of good results in the Home Sweet Home 3 Regionals, where they won five of six matches played to qualify for the main event.

Currently competing in Home Sweet Home 3, Nordavind have continued to show good form, making it through the Swiss stage and into the playoffs with three straight wins over EXTREMUM, Sprout and Dignitas.

Two more teams are to be announced by the Finnish tournament organizer in the coming days as the Elisa Invitational’s April 15 start date approaches, so far the team list is the following:

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