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Zyphon parts ways with Astralis Talent

Astralis Talent and Rasmus “⁠Zyphon⁠” Nordfoss have decided to go their separate ways, the Danish organization has announced. The 17-year-old player has stated that the reason for the split was that the two sides “couldn’t agree on the goals”.

“Rasmus is a good player who can achieve great things but we have come to terms with the fact that this is not the right time considering the expectations we have to each other,” Astralis’ Head of Talent, Dennis “⁠vnG⁠” Vang, said in the announcement.

Astralis Talent are down to four players after Zyphon’s departure

Zyphon had been a part of Astralis Talent ever since the organization decided to put together an academy roster at the end of 2020. The Dane was the team’s highest-rated player, having averaged a 1.15 rating over 23 maps in’s records since the start of the year.

With his departure, the team has undergone a second lineup change in just under a month, after they replaced their in-game leader, Mathias “⁠R0nic⁠” Pinholt, with former MASONIC member Alexander “⁠Altekz⁠” Givskov in March.

According to the announcement, several players are being considered as Zyphon‘s replacement. Until a new player is found, Astralis Talent are down to four players, with another set to round out what will eventually become a six-man roster in the summer:

DenmarkMads “⁠vester⁠” Vestergaard
DenmarkAlexander “⁠Altekz⁠” Givskov
DenmarkAndreas “⁠Void⁠” Dietrichsen
DenmarkVictor “⁠vigg0⁠” Bisgaard

Denmark Mikkel “MistR” Thomsen (begins summer 2021)

DenmarkDennis “⁠vnG⁠” Vang (coach)

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