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Heroic move past FURIA to seal EPL final spot

Heroic secured a spot in the ESL Pro League Season 13 grand final following a convincing 2-0 victory over FURIA, who were made to pay the price for their veto gamble as they were forced to play Dust2 for the first time since May 2018. Heroic came out on top of this straightforward match without really needing to break a sweat, going 20-3 on the T side, and they’ll be hoping to carry this momentum into Sunday’s grand final against Gambit as they chase their first title with this lineup, which remains undefeated after nine matches.

“It’s crazy, I’m so happy right now,” René “⁠TeSeS⁠” Madsen said after the match. “Playing with this team is the best feeling in the world. Everyone is amazing.

“We just punished them with a Dust2 pick. They probably don’t know half of the callouts in English. That was just a punish pick. It was kind of puggy from us and we just did basic stuff on the T side.”

Heroic march on to the grand final

The early stages of Mirage were played at a breathtaking pace, with neither side able to impose their will on the game. The see-saw nature continued right until the final stages of the half, when FURIA seized the initiative and won four rounds in a row for a 9-6 lead. But Heroic came out of the break firing on all cylinders and took the game to FURIA. After a quiet performance on the CT side, Ismail “⁠refrezh⁠” Ali stepped up to the plate and led the charge on the offence (2.42 rating), delivering the finishing blow with an ace to put an end to any hope that the Brazilians had of pulling off a comeback.

Heroic were hoping to throw FURIA off-guard with their Dust2 pick (even though they hadn’t played the map since August), but Andrei “⁠arT⁠” Piovezan‘s troops didn’t show any signs of discomfort initially as they hopped out to a 5-0 lead, with Yuri “⁠yuurih⁠” Santos raising eyebrows with a fast 1v3 clutch in the first gun round. Heroic responded with a five-round streak of their own, but FURIA came fighting back in the closing stages to secure another 9-6 lead.

FURIA entered double-digit territory upon switching to the CT side after punishing Heroic‘s indecisiveness in the pistol round, but the Danes responded immediately on a force-buy. The rest of the half was dominated by Casper “⁠cadiaN⁠” Møller‘s troops, who ruthlessly tore the FURIA defence apart to complete a quick victory.



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