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G2 through to BLAST Premier Spring Showdown quarter-finals over Endpoint

G2 fulfilled expectations and defeated Endpoint in the first round of play at BLAST Premier Spring Showdown, securing the series and proceeding through to the tournament’s quarter-finals, where they will face OG on Friday as the European combine led by Aleksi “⁠Aleksib⁠” Virolainen knocked out Astralis in their own opening match.

“We’re not going to be too stubborn about roles, it didn’t work out great when I took up the AWP, so we immediately changed,” Nikola “⁠NiKo⁠” Kovač said in the post match interview when asked about François “⁠AmaNEk⁠” Delaunay manning the AWP throughout the series, “we don’t want to waste time trying it out for I don’t know how many months, we’re just doing our best to find the best balance for our team and for people to feel comfortable in their roles.”

Endpoint, who came into the tournament with Thomas “⁠Thomas⁠” Utting as a stand-in following the loss of Shahar “⁠flameZ⁠” Shushan to OG, were hoping they could surprise after being ticketed as underdogs, and they were almost able to come back on their map pick, Inferno, taking it all the way to thirty rounds, but after falling short they were unable to rally on Dust2, a map they have now lost five times in a row, and were ultimately eliminated after two maps.

huNter- was dialed in on Dust2 to help G2 cross the finish line

G2 made an early impact and showed their intentions of dominating early on in the series, taking a 1-5 lead on the terrorist side of Inferno, but Endpoint held their own and although they weren’t able to turn the half around after the initial deficit they traded rounds back-and-forth with G2 until NiKo and company ran away with the final three rounds to put up a 10-5 lead at the switch.

A triple by Nemanja “⁠nexa⁠” Isaković holding the B site in the second pistol round kept G2 in the driver’s seat, although they weren’t able to run away as the two teams then traded rounds and Endpoint slowly started to crawl their way back into map, winning five out of six to make it 11-14. Max “⁠MiGHTYMAX⁠” Heath and company continued to push through up against four match points, but G2 were able to find enough fuel in the tank to cross the finish line and snatch the first map of the series in the very last round of regulation, 16-14.

The nexa-led squad got off to smooth sailing on Dust2, winning the first five rounds in a row on the attacking side with Nemanja “⁠huNter-⁠” Kovač taking the point before Endpoint could stop the bleeding. From there on out the momentum shifted completely, as the CTs were not only able to bring things close, but they turned the half around and took the lead, 8-7.

G2 made it four for four in pistol rounds to tie things up after switching sides, and from there on out took control of proceedings, winning six rounds in a row before a three entry frags from Robin “⁠robiin⁠” Sjögren put Endpoint on the board. The British-majority squad then tried a final push to bring things back to even, winning three in a row, but were eventually shut down as G2 went on to take their pick 16-11 to close out the series.


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