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Sangal, Movistar Riders move on to Flashpoint 3 closed qualifier

Sangal and Movistar Riders are the first two names to secure a spot in the Flashpoint 3 closed qualifier after finishing at the top of the first of four open qualifiers leading up to the European Regional Major Ranking tournament.

The Turkish side earned their spot after beating Unicorns of Love and Quantum Bellator Fire in the final stages of the single-elimination bracket, before they were given a default win over SKADE in the deciding semi-finals due to a scheduling conflict with a match in the Elisa Invitational on the Bulgarian side’s part.

MAJ3R & co. moved on to the next qualifying stage for the RMR event

Meanwhile, some of the most notable teams Movistar Riders beat on their way to the top were 19CM GANG, a mixteam featuring Nikola “⁠Lobanjica⁠” Mijomanović and Rigon “⁠rigoN⁠” Gashi, Chetz, as well as Copenhagen Flames in a closely-contested deciding series.

Three more open qualifiers, played from April 17-25, will determine six more teams advancing to the closed qualifier, which will have five spots on offer at the first European Regional Major Ranking event in 2021. The remaining eight participants will be decided via invites, which are yet to be announced.

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